Merch from LA PIEC: buy a cool T-shirt and support the Armed Forces

The cost of one T-shirt is 400 hryvnias.

The company will spend all the profit on cars or thermal imagers for the Armed Forces (depending on the amount collected). You can order a T-shirt from anywhere in Ukraine, where there are branches of state of emergency.


  1. Choose a T-shirt with a print you like:
    • Stepan Pantera
    • I’m not a fireman 🍓
    • All roads lead to Chornobayivka
    • I am from Bandera and I am proud of that
    • Kherson is Ukraine
    • Glory to Ukraine!
    • Good evening, we are from Ukraine
    • Arestovich, call me
    • Air alarm failure
    • Taras Shevchenko is a ghost of Kyiv
  2. Specify the required size: S, M, L
  3. If you are in Lviv, you can pick up the merch at one of our productions. Or enter the address in Lviv and the courier will bring the merch for free. Also specify a convenient time of receipt.
  4. If you are in another city, write the details of the New Post Office. Delivery is paid by the recipient at the rates of emergency.
  5. Take your T-shirt and wear it with pleasure! And for us to see this beauty – mark us on social networks @pizza_la_piec (Instagram), Fb, TikTok.

Everything will be Ukraine!

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