Delivery zones in Khmelnytsky


Green zone

Up to 29 minutes

Minimum order sum 100 UAH
Delivery cost is 40 UAH


Yellow zone

Up to 59 minutes

Minimum order sum 100 UAH
Delivery cost is 40 UAH

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Delivery service in Khmelnytsky “La Piec” offers incredibly comfortable delivery and payment mechanism. We believe that our standards of service must provide classics and comfort to our customer.

Hereby, let’s start with the delivery. We divide Khmelnytsky into two zones — green and yellow. For each zone, we have a clear estimation of courier’s arrival time and in case of a delay, you’ll get a pleasant surprise, about which we’ll talk a bit later.

The delivery to the green zone takes up to 29 minutes (from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM. At other times, delivery to the green zone is up to 59 minutes); the yellow — up to 59 minutes. We value your time, that is why we always try to fit in the minimum timeframes and measure time by minutes as every minute matters. You must agree, it very nice to receive a delicious, hot, and aromatic pizza in 29 minutes, isn’t it?

Orders are previously delivery plus or minus 15 minutes from the set time. For example, if you ordered delivery at 12:00, then the courier can deliver the order in the interval 11:45 – 12:15.

If the courier is late, you’ll get not only apologies but also a coupon for a free pizza in the next order.