250 g

Lettuce, tomatoes, chicken, parmesan cheese, quail eggs, croutons, and signature dressing - Caesar sauce.

115 UAH
285 g

rucola, cherry tomato, cucumber, iceberg lettuce, aioli sauce, parmesan, salmon, quail egg, sesame.

124 UAH
250 g

Iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, veal, parmesan cheese, quail eggs, croutons, and signature dressing - Caesar sauce.

153 UAH

Salad delivery

Fresh and tasty salads with delivery in Stryi

Tasty, nutritious, and health-benefiting addition to every meal is a salad made from fresh products and your favorite recipes. We season it with a special dressing or sauce from professional chefs. If you long for a snack or like to order a pizza for lunch at home or in an office, for dinner with friends, and in all other cases, try a fast salads delivery in Stryi from LA П’ЄЦ.

The salads selection is full of your favorite dishes with meat or fish accompanied by vegetables. These dishes are popular because of their exquisite taste, beautiful looks, and substantial components. For cooking, we use only fresh products, which we get from reliable producers. In LA П’ЄЦ you can get salads delivery, and at the same time order a delicious crusty pizza made in the wood-fired oven.

Salads delivery. Our selection

A quick salads delivery home, to the office or salon, is made by experienced couriers so that you will get the order without delay. In addition to the delicious pizza, you can also take

  • the legendary “Caesar” with toasted chicken fillet, quail eggs, parmesan, tomatoes, crackers, lettuce, and special sauce;
  • Exquisite “Caesar” with tender veal and all the best ingredients;
  • Fish “Insalata di Salmone” with pieces of red salmon, cherry tomatoes, quail eggs, parmesan, arugula, cucumbers, sesame seeds, lettuce, and Aioli sauce.

Each dish is quite substantial, and on our website or in the mobile app, you can look at the description with the nutritional value. If you order a salad in addition to a pizza, you are free to choose a “Caesar”, “Caprichozu”, “Salami”, “Margarita”, “Quatro Formaggi”, “Carbonara”, “Prosciutto”, “Diabolo”, “Parma”, “Polo”, “Calzone al Forno”, “Vegetariano” , “Vitello”, “Al Salmone” or a special ” LA П’ЄЦ” with your favorite ingredients.

How to order?

To order a salad in Stryi, use a LA П’ЄЦ website or a mobile app, which you can download to your device free of charge. After we approve your delivery, you will wait for not more than 29 minutes for the Green area and up to 59 minutes for the Yellow and Blue area to enjoy tasty and fresh dishes. The delivery is possible to all places in the city within the delivery area: home, to the office, or even to nature – just tell us the location and our courier will deliver the order most quickly.

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