Order drinks to pizza

To spice up your snack time and to emphasize the taste of flavorful wood-fired pizza, be sure to order drinks. You can do this both when choosing pizza, or when deciding in favor of some delicious salads. All you need is to choose cool drinks and tell our operator about your request.

What drinks can you order from La Piec?

We don’t limit our clients in the choice of favorite drinks of juices. That’s why you can order from La Piec various drinks for any taste. Here’s what available:

  • mineral water (sparkling or still), ½ liter or 1 liter;
  • Coca Cola, which accompanies almost every delicious pizza meal ( ½ liter or 1 liter);
  • wide selection of juices from the proven manufacturers (tomato, apple, cherry, orange, exotic, pomegranate).

Which one of the drinks you will choose is your decision to make. We, in turn, will make sure that it will be delivered on time to any address across Vinnytsia.

Order and delivery of drinks in Vinnytsia

You can fill out an application for ordering pizza in two ways:

  • via our website (ordering through the “cart”);
  • by the phone (directly in a conversation with an operator).

The minimum sum of order makes the delivery of drinks and pizza across Vinnytsia free of charge. For the “green zone” of the city, the minimum sum of the order is 150 UAH. If you are in a more distant from the city center “yellow zone”, then the minimum order is 250 UAH.

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