On time delivery or free pizza!

On time delivery or free pizza!

“La Piec” takes care of the clients. Сherkasy is a big and modern city, and we try to value your time as you do. Our delivery always appears at your door on time. If not, the client gets the next pizza for free**(Where else can you find something like that?).

Pizza delivery in “La Piec” is strictly estimated in time and delivery zoned (green and yellow). We indicate the delivery time immediately and do the best we can to stick to it.

Ordering takeout pizza delivery in Сherkasy is not so easy task as it might seem at first glance. There are a couple of popular services, but let’s be honest, each of them has their drawbacks. We started our work to finally provide you with a perfect takeout and delivery service. We combine fresh products, the experience of professional cooks, and the best service. Try “La Piec” delivery — and we’ll stay together forever!

Fast pizza delivery across Сherkasy works for you on a daily basis. Let the tasty pizza be!

** A coupon for a free pizza is not given if the delivery is made at the time specified to the client in advance.