Drinks delivery

When you’ve decided on pizza, it’s a good idea to consider some drinks to go with it. Order drinks in Cherkasy for your perfect meal. Loads of your favourite pizza, a variety of salads… mmm… so don’t forget to order drinks. It’s quite easy: while placing your pizza order over the phone, select drinks that you like most. LA PIEC offers a variety of drinks to meet any taste.

Drinks to go with pizza

We’re just sharing our favourites, and this is up to you what to pick. We are convinced that hot wood-fired pizza pairs best with cold Coca Cola. A piece of pizza plus a gulp of cola taste just right together: imagine this mind-blowing combination of delicate cheese, crispy crust and sweet bubbles of coke. Just give it a try, and you’ll understand what we mean. But don’t forget that this is you who makes the final choice. You can find your perfect drink by trying out various options. So experiment until you nail it, and our drinks delivery will help you find your best drink.

Drinks to go with salads

It’s hard to overestimate the accomplished taste of our salads, but you can get even more by pairing your salad with a tasty drink. Our drinks delivery in Cherkasy will provide you with fruit juices and nectars. Just imagine: some Caesar salad with roast chicken and a glass of orange juice. Sounds mouth-watering, doesn’t it? Is there anything better for a light evening meal? There are a lot of tasty combinations, so try to combine your favs among salads and juices, and find that perfect taste.

For instance, your favourite Insalata di Salmone and a glass of mineral water. Light and healthy, isn’t it? We offer still and sparkling water, select what you love.

LA PIEC drinks delivery in Cherkasy is very convenient. Just choose and combine drinks with your favourite wood-fired pizza and our incredible salads. Get together with your friends or family, share your meal with your loved one, taste the most delicious pizza, vegetable salads with meat, poultry and fish together, and combine them with drinks from La Piec.

Frequently asked Questions

💰 Is delivery free?

Delivery is free. The minimum delivery amount is UAH 250 or UAH 350, depending on the delivery address.

💳 Is it possible to pay by card?

So! You can pay by card on the website, or upon receipt of orders.

🚀 How long to wait for delivery?

Delivery to the green zone of Cherkasy - up to 29 minutes. Delivery to the yellow zone - up to 59 minutes.

⏰ What is your work schedule?

We work from 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM

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