410 g 30 сm
Quattro Formaggi Quattro Formaggi
Quattro Formaggi

bechamel sauce, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, dorblu cheese, walnut, pear

264 UAH
450 g 30 сm
La Piec Pizza La Piec Pizza
La Piec Pizza

tomato sauce, ham, Bavarian sausages, mozzarella cheese, salami, prosciutto

276 UAH
570 g 30 сm
Cesario Cesario

Bechamel sauce, mozzarella cheese, crispy lettuce, chicken, quail eggs, tomatoes, Caesar sauce (contains garlic), Parmesan cheese

293 UAH
400 g 30 сm
Salami Salami

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, salami

226 UAH
440 g 30 сm
Capricciosa Capricciosa

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, fresh mushrooms

225 UAH
430 g 30 сm
Pancetta Pancetta

mozzarella, sweet and sour sauce, pork bacon, pepper, cucumber gherkin

232 UAH
460 g 30 сm
Hawaii Hawaii

mozzarella, bechamel sauce, chicken fillet, corn, pineapple, parmesan

249 UAH
480 g 30 сm
Italiana Italiana

bechamel sauce, mozzarella cheese, chicken, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, pesto sauce

242 UAH
460 g 30 сm
Angelina Angelina

sweet and sour sauce, mozzarella cheese, chicken, onions, Bavarian sausages, gherkin

247 UAH
450 g 30 сm
Chipolla Chipolla

sour-salt sauce, mozzarella cheese, salami, mushrooms, onions

232 UAH
430 g 30 сm
Bavarian Bavarian

bechamel sauce, ham, Bavarian sausages, mozzarella cheese, bacon, a mixture of herbs

235 UAH
400 g 30 сm
Pepperoni Pepperoni

sweet and sour sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, Parmesan cheese, arugula

247 UAH
450 g 30 сm
Carbonara Carbonara

Tomato sauce, ham, baked egg, mozzarella cheese, Bavarian sausages

239 UAH
420 g 30 сm
Diabola Diabola

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, chili pepper, pepperoni

236 UAH
400 g 30 сm
Margarita Margarita

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes

155 UAH
390 g 30 сm
Parma Parma

bechamel sauce, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, arugula

257 UAH
400 g 30 сm
Schinkarella Schinkarella

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham

209 UAH
460 g 30 сm
Polo Polo

mozzarella cheese, onion, bechamel sauce, tomatoes, chicken

232 UAH
400 g 30 сm
Calzone al Forno Calzone al Forno
Calzone al Forno

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, ham, tomatoes

209 UAH
480 g 30 сm
Amore mio Amore mio
Amore mio

bechamel sauce, mozzarella cheese, zucchini, avocado, salmon, cherry tomatoes, sesame.

318 UAH

Wood-fired pizza La Piec in Chernivtsi

Do you need a quick bite to eat, but don’t have much time? The problem can be solved by pizza delivery in Chernivtsi – “LA PIEC”. You do not need to go to the supermarket, buy food and cook. Everything is much simpler: you need to open the LA PIEC website or app, choose your favorite pizza and order pizza delivery Chernivtsi. You can get your order in 29 minutes.

Flavorful wood-fired pizza in Chernivtsi from LA PIEC, prepared by a professional pizza chef, is delicious, fast and very tasty. At home or at work, in the morning or in the evening, you can order a delicious pizza with a crispy crust, which is made in a wood-fired oven according to the best recipes.

Fast pizza delivery in Chernivtsi up to 29 minutes

Do you want a piece of Italy – hot and delicious wood-fired pizza in Chernivtsi – to be on your table? LA PIEC team is ready to make your dream come true. We cook wood-fired pizza according to a proven recipe and traditional technology. It has an unrivaled taste. We use only the best and always fresh products. And thanks to fast delivery and airtight packaging, you will receive your pizza in Chernivtsi while it is still hot.

We believe that quality is the key to the heart of gourmets. Add high quality service, care for each client, a large selection of dishes, proven recipes, and affordable prices. That is why our service is chosen by residents of different cities.

A wide variety of pizza with delivery in Chernivtsi

“LA PIEC offers a large selection of pizza. Are you a real meat eater and want something tasty and satisfying? Order Bavarian, Carbonara or La Piec’s specialty pizza. Cheese lovers should choose Calzone al Forno. For vegetarians, Quadric, Margarita is suitable. And those who like spicy food should order Diabola. In the end, everyone can choose what they like best. For a romantic dinner, you can choose Caesario pizza, with chicken, cream sauce, tomatoes, two types of cheese, and quail eggs. It has a light and refined taste at the same time. Without a doubt, ordering pizza in Chernivtsi is always a great idea.

The LA PIEC website offers traditional pizza and new interesting flavor combinations. For those who like something special, you should order Amore Mio – with bechamel sauce, salmon slices, and cherry tomatoes.

If you are planning a party, order a wood-fired pizza in Chernivtsi! Or better yet, order several at once. After all, you can never have too much pizza from LA PIEC! In addition to pizza in Chernivtsi with delivery, you can order salads and drinks – everything you need for a full lunch or light dinner.

Order pizza in Chernivtsi from a wood-fired oven

The secret of our success is simple – constant improvement of taste. We constantly study the preferences of our customers and make every effort to make every pizza in Chernivtsi not only an ordinary dish, but a gastronomic discovery.

“LA PIEC is not just a fast and very convenient wood-fired pizza delivery in Chernivtsi. It is a reliable assistant in different situations.

You can order pizza Chernivtsi without any extra effort. To do this, you need to open the website or app, choose your favorite pizza, you can also add drinks and salads. Specify the delivery address and wait for the delivery service to call to confirm the order. Without exaggeration, ordering pizza in Chernivtsi is an opportunity to quickly satisfy your hunger and just enjoy the moment.
The pricing policy is very democratic, and regular discounts and promotions will help you save a lot. We constantly make every effort to ensure that the customer receives the best service and the most delicious pizza in Chernivtsi. And over the years, we have already learned to do it flawlessly.
Pizza delivery in Chernivtsi will make an ordinary evening special and cheer you up. See for yourself, order a flavorful wood-fired pizza. Appreciate the convenience of our service and the speed of delivery.

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Frequently asked Questions

💰 What is the cost of delivery?

Delivery cost is 40 UAH.

💳 Is it possible to pay by card?

So! You can pay by card on the website, or upon receipt of orders.

🚀 How long to wait for delivery?

Delivery to the green zone of Chernivtsi - up to 29 minutes. Delivery to the yellow zone - up to 59 minutes.

⏰ What is your work schedule?

We work from 10:00 to 23:00.

🍕 In which cities does LA PIEC pizza delivery work?

🍴 What other delicious things can i try at your place?