Drinks delivery

When you’ve finally decided on which of the most delicious La Piec wood-fired pizza and salads to choose, it’s time to consider which drinks to pick. Without any doubt, drinks help to fully delight in the taste of dishes. Good news: La Piec offers drinks delivery in Chernivtsi, which is by the way free if your order is more than UAH 150. Complement your pizza and salad with your favourite drink and enjoy the perfect taste!

What to choose?

Now let’s imagine which drink will pair best with a piece of hot pizza? We bet you picture a glass of Cola or orange juice, Fanta or Sprite. Way to go, you know the best option. Now let’s imagine a beautiful plate with your favourite salad. Which drink do you see next to it? A glass of still water or cherry nectar? You see, everything’s so easy when you choose what you like.

Drinks delivery in Chernivtsi

Drinks delivery in Chernivtsi is a quick solution to make the dishes taste better, and your mood more cheerful. We offer a variety of drinks for everyone to choose what they like best and what makes them happier. And you make us happier when you decide to order a drink to go with the most delicious La Piec wood-fired pizza and salads. We always deliver on time!

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