About us

Pizza delivery service La Piec is not just another business. We have several advantages over competitors, which we will describe in more detail below.

Firstly, the pizza delivery in Cherkasy “La Piec” uses only the freshest and most delicious products. This is not just a marketing line. We cooperate with Ukrainian producers and suppliers, in particular, that is why your pizza is always baked from organic products. Everything, from vegetables to different types of cheese, is genuine, environmentally friendly and cultivated on Ukrainian soil.

Secondly, we clearly indicate pizza delivery time. Fast delivery is our second advantage and reputation among our customers and competitors. We divide Cherkasy into two zones – Green and Yellow. For each one there is the specific delivery time and if our courier is late – you get a free pizza for your next order. You can find the zoning map of Cherkasy on the “Delivery and Payment” page.

Thirdly, we cook not an ordinary pizza. Our pizza is a wood-fired pizza in Cherkasy. Wood-fired pizza is an extraordinary taste of the dough and tender melted cheese. It almost impossible to describe its taste with words, you should simply taste it.

“La Piec” can go on describing its benefits for a long time, but you came here because you want a hot pizza, aren’t you? Wouldn’t it be better to just try it and be full, than to read all this over and over again, while being hungry?