We are the ones!

We are the ones! | LA PIEC normal food delivery

Do you know why there is a tradition to throw pizza dough and tossing it in the air? Do you think it’s just a part of the show?
Today, we would like to meet you with a person who tosses the pizza in the air and does it like a pro. (Drum roll) On the stage is pizza guru and overlord – Sashko, or Sania.

Sania adores steaks and vegan pasta. Besides, vegetarian pizza on our menu was his idea. Sashko is a melomaniac, but the foundation is rock, he adores rock and he grew up on this style, rock is like a brother for him.

Sashko likes drawing, walk through a quite town in the evening, and cooking something yummy for his closest people. Sania always cooks every time another dish, tries to create something new and mix unmixable ingredients. However, the most beloved dish is soup with veal, vegetables, fresh garlic and oregano (very yummy)

His favorite place in Ukraine is a village Busha, which is located in the Vinnytsya region. He also likes castles in Podillia such as Khotyn, Kamyanets Podilsky. Maybe because of the reason that he is from Vinnytsia.

-What do you want your grandchildren to know about you?
-I want them to know that their grandpa is very positive, he always tries to be positive and to make other people be happy too. I don’t like it when somebody is sad, by contrast, I prefer to have a good mood. I want they don’t know that his grandpa has grown up without father. I would like they have a full family and grow up in harmony.