Vinnytsya, meet La PIEC!

We are so proud that we can tell you: “Recently, LA PIEС at Vinnytsia.” It would seem that quite a bit of time passed, and we stuck to this picturesque city with all our hearts and felt that we were on the same driving wave!

Vinnytsya, meet La PIEC! | LA PIEC normal food delivery

The capital of Podillia, despite its venerable age, immediately conquers with its charge of freshness and energy. Having a branded tram ride through the city streets, you immediately realize how different the urban atmosphere can be.

So let’s get acquainted with the Vinnytsia region and people! What we immediately noticed was the embankment – the best place to take a walk with your soulmate is also not to find the embankment in Lviv.

Vinnytsya, meet La PIEC! | LA PIEC normal food delivery | image 1

The fantastic river fountain comes to life in the evening, and the light show is impressive. Did you know that the fountain complex is the largest in Europe, and the show is one of the most spectacular in the world? It is here that you can get acquainted with local students, which we did. Young people study at local universities (there are so many of them), have fun and spend time actively, and now they can also order our pizza on firewood in Vinnytsia, or dance at Dance for PIZZA.

Vinnytsya, meet La PIEC! | LA PIEC normal food delivery | image 2

Definitely worth a walk in the streets of Gorky Park, where we recently organized our film screening with pizza. And a snow-white arch at the entrance – This is not only a business card of the city, but also a cool instapon. Organize with the best friends atmospheric picnic in the middle of the park – with fun, lemonade and order a pizza that rushes to you in just 29 minutes. Here is what could be it is better? Is that a lot of pizza, and even delicious salads from La PIEC!

Vinnytsya, meet La PIEC! | LA PIEC normal food delivery | image 3

That’s how we had fun in Vinnytsia, and she received us with everything positive and smiles bestowed by its inhabitants. We fell in love with this city forever and then irrevocably.

Therefore, remember that now La PIEC is your fastest, hottest, most fragrant Vinnytsia pizza delivery on wood. Just know that if you earned money in the office you don’t want to crawl out from under the warm blanket – we are just a phone call away and will rush in time and mega-fast.