Lviv - delivery zones


Green zone

Up to 29 minutes*

Minimum order 100 UAH**,
Delivery cost 40 UAH


Yellow zone

Up to 59 minutes

Minimum order 500 UAH,
Delivery cost 60 UAH


Blue zone

Up to 89 minutes

Minimum order 1 000 UAH ,
Delivery cost 80 UAH

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The pizza delivery service in Lviv «LA П’ЄЦ» offers extremely convenient delivery and payment mechanism. We believe that our standards of work should be classic and comfortable for the customer.

So, let’s start with delivery. We divide Lviv into delivery zones – green, yellow and blue. For each zone, we clearly define the time of arrival of the courier, and in case of delay, you receive a pleasant surprise, which we will talk about later.

*Delivery to the green zone – up to 29 minutes, delivery cost is 40 UAH, minimum order amount is 100 UAH.
Delivery to the yellow zone – up to 59 minutes, delivery cost is 40 UAH, minimum order amount is 500 UAH.
Delivery to the blue zone – up to 89 minutes, delivery cost is 40 UAH, minimum order amount is 1,000 UAH.

**The minimum order amount is not mandatory, but if the order amount is lower for the respective zone, an additional surcharge for the minimum order value will be charged – in the green zone it is 40 UAH, in the yellow zone – 60 UAH, and in the blue zone – 80 UAH.

We value your time very much, so we always try to meet the minimum deadlines and measure time in minutes, because every minute counts.

Orders are previously delivery plus or minus 15 minutes from the set time. For example, if you ordered delivery at 12:00, then the courier can deliver the order in the interval 11:45 – 12:15.

If the courier is late, you will receive not only an apology but also a promo code for a free pizza with the next order!

Delivery of alcoholic beverages in Lviv is carried out from 12:00 AM to 08:45 PM and only to persons who are at least 18 years old at the time of ordering. Only online payment is available for alcoholic beverages.