Work as a lifestyle

Be active and cheerful with our team


“LA П’ЄЦ” is not only wood-fired pizza delivery, but also a lifestyle. A style that has a big purpose and a proactive team. We create, improve and deliver a charge of energy, an explosion of taste and bright emotions every day.

If, like us, you strive to help and ignite others with your positive energy, you want to improve and grow every day – welcome to the “LA П’ЄЦ wood-fired pizza delivery” team!

  • 1 A place where you will become a professional If you want to learn something new or improve your skills, then come to us. We are always ready to support you in achieving professional success.
  • 2 You manage your own time We offer various types of employment. Choose the option that suits you best - and we will help you create a convenient schedule for you.
  • 3 Dream team Cohesion, interesting tasks, innovativeness and progressiveness are the most frequent reviews of our team. We find and develop the best in people!
  • 4 Willingness to improve We are open to new ideas, constantly looking for radically new and unusual. You have an incredible opportunity to bring your ideas to life!
  • 5 Corporate culture We know what we want, we have a main goal and we are taking big steps to achieve it. Each of our employees is an important link in the company.

Vacancies at "LA П’ЄЦ"


Courier: Have you always dreamed of doing your favorite thing and earning money at the same time? Then come join us! A courier in wood-fired pizza delivery ‘La Piec’ is the one and only company representative, who has the opportunity to ‘ride’ the city with pleasure and benefit! The fastest wood-fired pizza delivery La Piec […]

Cook, Pizza Maker

Кухар, Піцмайстер: «Доставка піци на дровах «LA П’ЄЦ» – це команда професіоналів, яка готова ділитися своїми знаннями та вміннями і постійно вчити тебе новому. Наші кухарі не бояться вогню, вміють знаходити ідеальний смак та можуть приготувати неймовірну піцу з закритими очима! Якщо ти відчуваєш, що кухня – це твоє щире захоплення, не уявляєш життя без […]


Administrator: The fastest wood-fired pizza delivery “La Piec” is looking for ambitious people, who are ready to change and improve themselves and the world, to join our professional team. The position of the administrator in our company is central to managing the entire process of creating an ideal product that will bring incredible customer satisfaction. […]