And again this day is approaching – YOUR Birthday. And he must be the happiest of the year.

But along with the birthday, eternal questions come: How to spend a birthday so that everything works out perfectly? How to feed guests? And you can’t forget about your colleagues! Indeed, on this day I want less worries so that everything is especially and only for you.

Birthday | LA PIEC normal food delivery

Celebrate your “big day” with La Piec, because we not only wish you happiness, health and all the best, but also give three pizzas absolutely free. It is only necessary to place an order for 700 UAH, tell the operator three magic words (It’s my birthday), and wait for your gift. Ah, and you need to prepare your passport! Our courier will not only quickly and timely bring delicious and hot pizza, but also beautifully congratulate you.

Birthday | LA PIEC normal food delivery | image 1

It is very important for us to be with you in the most joyful moments – whether celebrating in the office with colleagues, or in the park with best friends, or maybe in a warm family circle.

Birthday | LA PIEC normal food delivery | image 2

Your sincere emotions inspire us to work, make us improve every day and become even tastier! And by the way, our pizza masters have NOT forgotten about your children, they will prepare delicious sweet pizza – and this is cooler than any cake!

Birthday | LA PIEC normal food delivery | image 3

Stop thinking! Rather, call us and wait for a gift and sincere greetings in honor of your holiday!