Remember, just recently we told you in social networks about our trip to Drogobych? And all this so that in our dishes you can find the “GOLDEN APPLE”.
That’s how the Italian word “tomato” is translated from the Italian “POMO D`ORO”.

Drogobych | LA PIEC normal food delivery

Red and pink, yellow and orange, sweet cherry and spicy black – you can see such tomatoes in our pizza and salads every day, but you don’t even know which way they go to get to your table.

Their homeland is far beyond Lviv, in greenhouses on an endless field where they are grown, watered and selected the best so that we can prepare you delicious pizza and salads.

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It is difficult to imagine so many flowers of tomatoes – red, yellow, orange, pink, as well as even purple and black. Farmers also grow rare varieties that require special attention.

Among the wide variety of varieties of our tomatoes there are those that are called chocolate – they differ from red in their dark color. Black Prince is considered sweet, which got its name because of its unusual color – its fruits are dark red in color. Their taste is also original and unique – it is very sweet.

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Small and fragrant cherry tomatoes, which conquered gardeners around the world, also found a place in a greenhouse under the sun. And not only red, but also yellow. To our surprise, they hung in large clusters just in the air – on one we counted about 30 tomatoes, can you imagine?

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Also in our greenhouses is fragrant basil and oregano, hot chili, and various types of cucumbers – small, large, lemon and sweet peppers – red, green and yellow. And that’s all – Special For YOU!

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The quality of our products is important to us, because we want to please you not only with taste, but also with quality. And we also know that your children love our dishes, but special attention is required here!
All the vegetables that you find in our dishes grow in environmentally friendly conditions without any chemical fertilizers, are poured by the sun and warmed by the caring hands of our farmers – they contain no dyes, no herbicides, no pesticides, they are grown without any harmful and no natural fertilizers. The quality of the dishes you try is our main concern, so enjoy pizza, salads and be sure!

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