Film screening

⠀Film screening is not just an event or one evening. This is when five hundred people laugh or cry together. This is when all the lights flicker and the scent of the summer park is felt. This is exactly what you will remember as the best evening of the week.

Film screening | LA PIEC normal food delivery

⠀World cinema masterpieces, warm evenings with family and new friends and delicious pizza will not leave anyone indifferent. The cozy friendly atmosphere of an open-air cinema under a starry sky, located on the territory of Prostir Lviv, will appeal to romantics and moviegoers, the noisiest company and even your parents and your dog.

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⠀Watching the legendary films in the open air – we really wanted to turn this pastime in the summer into reality and we did it. It was important for us that you could relax with your family, and also saw that we really want to please you not only with delicious pizza, but also with emotions.

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⠀Cinema “in the open air” makes it possible to spend an evening in the fresh air, in a circle of like-minded people, to relax after a hard working day. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people. We try to hold such shows almost every week, and recently we also held in Vinnytsia.

⠀Also for the future we are preparing many more interesting cultural projects, because it is important for us that the residents of the city can coolly relax and actively spend their leisure time.

⠀First of all, we strive for openness. Our goal is to get to know you better, communicate more and understand what is important to you, your expectations and needs. Pizza La PIEC, you can say, is pizza with a soul, pizza from friends, because we introduce you to our employees, spend time together, try to please you and your families from the smallest to the largest customer.

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⠀Therefore, we know that such shows will definitely be next year and, possibly, not only in Lviv and Vinnytsia, but also in other cities.


⠀Your pizza La PIEC.