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Know ours👏 | LA PIEC normal food delivery

Meet with our Queen of Salads – with Olenka ✨

She works as a call center operator and sells salads 5 times more than her other colleagues 😏

True orthodox Galician Kobita 😎💪

Indigenous Lvivianka, who is in love with her city.

Strangely enough, but her favorite dish is just the pizza she likes to do herself 🤗

In addition to 🍕, she is able to cook ❗ a baked chicken with oranges and honey ❗, as well as a variety of salads, pastes, and the like. Cool, isn’t it? 😲😎

In spare time, Olenka reads or spends time with friends.

Of course, walking around the streets of the hometown 🤗

Although, in the warm season, loves to relax in nature. And since Olenka’s favorite style of music is rock, then it does not do without festivals 🤘

In addition to Lviv, she likes Ternopil, Odessa, and Shatsky lakes 🙂

–  What would you like your grandchildren to know?

– “I am a native citizen of Lviv, I adore my charming and unique city. I would like my children and grandchildren to live here and be proud of their roots!”