Know ours πŸ™Œβ €

If Lewis Carroll was writing his coolest book now, he would have been inspired by our beautiful Alice. She is an administrator at our company, although at the photo she is very tender and delicate, in practical life she successfully runs all processes in full. Imagine 20 couriers and you alone, but not 5 more pizzas, not everyone will handle it πŸ’ͺ

Get acquainted with this Alice, and so she is on horseback 🀠 because she is engaged in equestrian sport, she loves to ride horses in the Carpathians (if you have a white horse, then write Alice a message πŸ˜‰). In general, she has long dreamed of owning a house to safely park his horse near the house, and not near the entrance. Just imagine, all morning rush to work on a bus, and you are on horseback 🐴

She also has a little fluffy baby Mia (from the author’s words), then her dog is Yorkshire terrier 🐩 Alice is still in principle like all the girls love to be photographed, so if you are well-known photographers, if you read this, it’s time to call her πŸ“·

We open another trump card – Alice is able to cook deliciously sour borshch, and at the same time sing, so if you see a woman with a plate of borsch and a microphone in karaoke, be sure that our Alice. At work, the girl does not sing, but the staff evaluates her voice links with orders numbers that she says loudly at the time of the week πŸ€ͺ

Alice dreams of Paris, about a white horse, well, prince, let it be for some time πŸ¦„