370 g
Big Father Big Father

bun, Burger sauce, beef cutlet, caramelized onion, fried bacon, chicken egg, pickled cucumber, tomato, arugula

223 UAH
310 g
Normal Normal

bun, burger sauce, beef cutlet, red onion, fried bacon, pickled cucumber, tomato, arugula

207 UAH
300 g
Cheeseburger Cheeseburger

bun, signature sauce, beef cutlet, Cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, tomato, arugula, sun-dried tomatoes

202 UAH
400 g
Very cheese Very cheese

bun, Cheese sauce, beef cutlet, Cheddar cheese, Camembert cheese, tomato, arugula

263 UAH
350 g
Chicken Chicken

bun, curry sauce, chicken, cheddar cheese, pickle, cole slow salad

214 UAH
150 g
French fries French fries

french fries

70 UAH
225 g
French fries with dopa French fries with dopa

french fries, cheddar sauce, onion crunch, fried bacon

99 UAH
200 g
Potato croquettes Potato croquettes

potatoes, butter, milk, flour, punk crackers

85 UAH
200/50 g
Cheese balls with raspberry sauce Cheese balls with raspberry sauce

Mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, Cream cheese, Panko crackers, raspberry sauce

129 UAH
50 g
Cheese cheddar Cheese cheddar

cheddar cheese, cream, spices

50 UAH
50 g
Ketchup Ketchup


30 UAH
50 g
Burger sauce Burger sauce

майонез, кетчуп, гірчиця

40 UAH
1030 g
Big Father menu Big Father menu

Big Father burger, french fries, Coca-Cola 0.5 liters

299 UAH
980 g
Normal menu Normal menu

burger Normal, french fries, Coca-Cola 0.5 liters

285 UAH
970 g
Cheeseburger menu Cheeseburger menu

Cheeseburger, french fries, Coca-Cola 0.5 liters

280 UAH
1150 g
Very cheese menu Very cheese menu

burger Double cheese, french fries, Coca-Cola 0.5 liters

335 UAH
1000 g
Chicken menu Chicken menu

Chicken burger, french fries, Coca-Cola 0.5 liters

291 UAH


If you’re looking for a tasty dish for your dinner that must contain proteins, carbs, and fiber, our burger will 100% fit you. You will find a juicy beef cutlet, fresh salad, tomato, and cheese here. In addition to it, you can also taste various supplements like garnishes, sauces, etc.

Why go to a shop or cook on your own when in Ivano-Frankivsk you can order a burger in LA PIEC with delivery at any destination within the city? By the way, our delivery will bring orders faster!

Burgers in Ivano-Frankivsk with delivery

By ordering LA PIEC burgers delivery in Ivano-Frankivsk, you will get not only the food but something more:

  • The care. We don’t cook dishes in advance, but only for your order. So, your burger’s bun will be roasted a little time before you will hold the hot dish in your hands. You will get pleasure from the bread’s aroma and its mildness inside, on its surface – from its appetizing crunching, and the way the hot cheese is stretching. For us, it’s really important to know that our food is pleasurable to you!
  • The quality. We treat the products that are in our kitchen responsibly. Our workers watch attentively the terms of ingredients’ suitability. Also, the products that our cookers use for cooking, were bought from the best Ukrainian farmers and food companies.
  • The speed. Our delivery service works really fast, to never put a crimp in our company’s standards. The courier will never phone you to get to know how to find the road, as he knows the city perfectly.

We always keep our word and strictly adhere to the terms specified in the order. But if unpredictable circumstances that we can’t regulate arise and force you to wait for your burger a little longer, we anyway take all the responsibility. In this case, we will sorely apologize and make you a little gift.

LA PIEC burgers: how to order in Ivano-Frankivsk?

To order a burger in Ivano-Frankivsk online, you should go to our site at the page Burgers. Choose the one that you’d love to taste right now: with chicken or with beef. And can there be a burger without crunching potatoes and sauce? To find the supplements easily, we placed them on the page with burgers too. Or you can also order one of our ready menus that consists of a burger, potatoes, and a glass of Coca-Cola.

Add your favorite dishes to the shopping bin, choose the tastiest sauces, register the order, and wait for it to be delivered during the time specified.

How long does the burger’s delivery in Ivano-Frankivsk last?

By choosing the minimal delivery time, you know at once what the maximum time is for you to get your burger and take pleasure from it. We contingently divided Ivano-Frankivsk into two zones: the green and the yellow one. If you are in the green zone, you will get your order within 29 minutes. Burgers delivery to the yellow zone in Ivano-Frankivsk is about up to 59 minutes.

You can also order a burger in Ivano-Frankivsk in advance – for example, you can order it in the morning to be delivered in the evening. In this case, our courier will arrive at the specified time or with the possible error of +/- 15 minutes.

We’re mostly on time with the orders, but difficult days sometimes can happen to us too. If we delivered the order too late because of some reason, you will get the promo code for a free pizza as a sign of our sincere apologies. You can use this promo code in your next order.

How much does burgers delivery cost in Ivano-Frankivsk?

Within the city of Ivano-Frankivsk and any of its zones, the delivery is absolutely free. Still, there’s a rather symbolic minimum price for an order: for the green zone – 200 UAH, and for the yellow zone – 300 UAH.

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