260 g
Pasta with white mushrooms Pasta with white mushrooms

linguine pasta, cream, chicken, porcini mushrooms, soya sauce, onion, parmesan

170 UAH
320 g
Pasta with vegetables Pasta with vegetables

linguini pasta, tomato sauce, chicken, bacon, onion, garlic, bell pepper, mushrooms, champignons, broccoli

150 UAH
270 g
Bolognese Bolognese

linguine pasta, tomato sauce, minced veal, minced pork, semi-sweet red wine, parmesan

125 UAH

Pasta is associated with Italy. After all, this dish, like pizza, is one of the main dishes in Italian cuisine. Today there are different types of pasta, so everyone can choose what they like best. Pasta is classified according to various criteria:

  • by the form of flour products;
  • by the type of sauce.

The history of pasta production began in Sicily in the 12th century. From there, pasta began to spread across Europe. The Romans rolled out mixed dough and made layers, which were then cut and cooked. This dish was called lagana, or wide noodles. Dry pasta is mentioned in ancient Arabic cookbooks.

Many years have passed, new recipes for cooking pasta and new interesting combinations have emerged. However, the dish has not lost its popularity in different countries of the world.

Today you can easily order pasta Ivano-Frankivsk with delivery from LA PIEC.

Delivery of pasta in Ivano-Frankivsk from LA PIEC

Flavored pasta Ivano-Frankivsk is a delicious dish that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pasta delivery Ivano-Frankivsk is a great idea for lunch in the office, a good alternative to regular sandwiches.

If you don’t have time to cook dinner for the whole family, you can order pasta in Ivano-Frankivsk. When the day has been hard, and you have no energy or desire to cook. Or you want something new and unusual. In all these situations, pasta delivery Ivano-Frankivsk will help you out, and you will be able to enjoy a flavorful flavorful dish with an unsurpassed taste without any extra effort.

The world’s most popular pastas with delivery in Ivano-Frankivsk

The online catalog of the LA PIEC service has the following pasta options:

  • Bolognese is a classic Italian pasta. The combination of tomato sauce and minced pork and veal adds a spicy touch to the finished dish.
  • Pasta with chicken and porcini mushrooms has a delicate creamy flavor and literally melts in your mouth. Appetizing pieces of chicken, porcini mushrooms, cream and Parmesan are a win-win combination. The dish is light but hearty at the same time.
  • Pasta with vegetables and chicken – broccoli, onion, garlic, bell pepper, chicken and bacon. A very interesting combination, pasta in Ivano-Frankivsk is for gourmets.

You can order pasta to your favorite taste.

Ordering pasta in Ivano-Frankivsk is now easy!

Pasta Ivano-Frankivsk is a dish that tastes best fresh. Therefore, the LA PIEC team makes every effort to ensure that fragrant and delicious pasta is on your table as soon as possible. In order to order classic Italian pasta, you need to go to the website or the LA PIEC app, place an order and wait for the courier. We will deliver the order hot, because couriers use special thermal bags for this purpose.

On weekdays or weekends, in the morning or in the evening, whenever you want to enjoy pasta in Ivano-Frankivsk, the LA PIEC team is ready to help you and prepare delicious pasta with delivery in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Our main principles in the preparation of pasta Ivano-Frankivsk are compliance with technology, sanitary requirements, clear proportions, proven classic recipes, and fast delivery. We value the trust of our customers, so the dish is prepared immediately after placing the order. No frozen preparations, no yesterday’s products. This is the main secret of taste and flavor. The courier will deliver not only a delicious but also a nutritious dish that will quickly satisfy your hunger. Pasta delivery Ivano-Frankivsk is easy and convenient.

Advantages of choosing LA PIEC for pasta delivery within Ivano-Frankivsk

  • Large selection of dishes. Are you very hungry, and a portion of pasta in Ivano-Frankivsk will not be enough? In addition to pasta, you can order pizza, sushi, hot dogs, shawarma, salads, desserts and drinks at LA PIEC. It’s very convenient!
  • Quality. You can always be sure of the quality and freshness of all dishes.
  • Democratic pricing policy. Fast delivery of pasta Ivano-Frankivsk will be cheaper than going to the supermarket, buying food and cooking yourself.
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Frequently asked Questions

💰 What is the cost of delivery?

Delivery cost is 40 UAH. The minimum delivery amount is UAH 250 or UAH 350, depending on the delivery address.

💳 Is it possible to pay by card?

So! You can pay by card on the website, or upon receipt of orders.

🚀 How long to wait for delivery?

Delivery to the green zone of Ivano-Frankivsk - up to 29 minutes. Delivery to the yellow zone - up to 59 minutes.

⏰ What is your work schedule?

We work from 10:00 AM to 10:30 PM.

🍕 In which cities does LA PIEC pizza delivery work?

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