450 g 30 сm
La Piec Pizza La Piec Pizza
La Piec Pizza

tomato sauce, ham, Bavarian sausages, mozzarella cheese, salami, prosciutto

263 UAH
410 g 30 сm
Quattro Formaggi Quattro Formaggi
Quattro Formaggi

bechamel sauce, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, dorblu cheese, walnut, pear

249 UAH
570 g 30 сm
Cesario Cesario

Bechamel sauce, mozzarella cheese, crispy lettuce, chicken, quail eggs, tomatoes, Caesar sauce (contains garlic), Parmesan cheese

274 UAH
450 g 30 сm
Chipolla Chipolla

sour-salt sauce, mozzarella cheese, salami, mushrooms, onions

232 UAH
460 g 30 сm
Polo Polo

mozzarella cheese, onion, bechamel sauce, tomatoes, chicken

232 UAH
400 g 30 сm
Schinkarella Schinkarella

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham

209 UAH
460 g 30 сm
Angelina Angelina

sweet and sour sauce, mozzarella cheese, chicken, onions, Bavarian sausages, gherkin

235 UAH
460 g 30 сm
Hawaii Hawaii

mozzarella, bechamel sauce, chicken fillet, corn, pineapple, parmesan

246 UAH
440 g 30 сm
Capricciosa Capricciosa

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, fresh mushrooms

214 UAH
400 g 30 сm
Pepperoni Pepperoni

sweet and sour sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, Parmesan cheese, arugula

235 UAH
450 g 30 сm
Carbonara Carbonara

Tomato sauce, ham, baked egg, mozzarella cheese, Bavarian sausages

225 UAH
400 g 30 сm
Salami Salami

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, salami

211 UAH
430 g 30 сm
Pancetta Pancetta

mozzarella, sweet and sour sauce, pork bacon, pepper, cucumber gherkin

225 UAH
420 g 30 сm
Diabola Diabola

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, chili pepper, pepperoni

225 UAH
400 g 30 сm
Margarita Margarita

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes

149 UAH
390 g 30 сm
Parma Parma

bechamel sauce, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, arugula

245 UAH
450 g 30 сm
Tonno Tonno

tomato sauce, onion, canned tuna, mozzarella cheese

258 UAH
400 g 30 сm
Calzone al Forno Calzone al Forno
Calzone al Forno

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, ham, tomatoes

199 UAH

Wood-fired pizza La Piec in Uzhhorod

Unexpectedly, guests came, you want something tasty, or you just don’t have the energy and desire to cook dinner for the whole family? Fast pizza delivery in Uzhhorod will come to the rescue. All you need to do is place an order and wait for the courier.

LA PIEC is a proven service that offers not only delicious, but also always fresh pizza with a unique taste.

They start cooking the dish only after you place your order. And couriers deliver orders very quickly, so the pizza in Uzhhorod will be hot and very flavorful. In addition to pizza, you can order drinks, salads, and desserts. It’s very convenient – everything in one place.

Order pizza with fast delivery in Uzhhorod

Even the most demanding gourmets will appreciate the menu from LA PIEC, because there are other dishes besides pizza in Uzhhorod:

  • Salads – there are vegetable and meat salads. A light salad will perfectly complement the main course, suitable for a quick snack. All salads are made from selected ingredients, so they are not only tasty but also healthy. They are suitable for those who are on a diet or follow the principles of healthy eating.
  • Drinks. Sparkling or still water, tomato or fruit juice, Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta – drinks will complement the meal and reveal the taste of pizza.

But still, pizza is the most commonly ordered. And for good reason: the LA PIEC team knows how to cook a truly delicious dish. Dough according to a proven recipe, delicious specialty sauce, selected cheese that stretches well, fresh vegetables, flavorful sausages – the secret of the special taste and aroma is simple. Only proven recipes and no frozen preparations.

Pizza delivery in Uzhhorod from LA PIEC is fast, convenient and delicious!

Reasons to choose pizza delivery in Uzhhorod from LA PIEC

Each city has different delivery services. But pizza from the oven from LA PIEC is a special love. The service deserves your attention because it has a number of advantages.

Appetizing pizza to order Uzhhorod from LA PIEC is not just a delivery. Our team creates the most delicious culinary masterpieces, and you will smell them in a few seconds when the courier rings the doorbell.

We have a large selection of fillings and flavor combinations. Each slice is a rich taste that will impress you. We have the best pizza that will not only help satisfy your hunger, but also give you a real gastronomic pleasure.

We make every effort to ensure that you receive your order as soon as possible. Choosing pizza delivery in Uzhhorod from LA PIEC, you choose not only delicious dishes, but also uncompromising quality and reliability.

All orders are processed as quickly as possible. And the finished dish is usually delivered in 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the area of the city. The service guarantees that the pizza you receive from the courier’s hands will be still hot.

Pizza Uzhhorod with delivery means only fresh and high-quality ingredients. Proven recipes and strict adherence to cooking technology guarantee a special taste and aroma. Cooking such a pizza in Uzhhorod at home is not so tasty, so it is better to entrust the job to professionals and enjoy an appetizing dish without any extra effort.

A wide range of pizza to order in Uzhhorod

The online catalog of the LA PIEC service has a variety of flavorful pizzas: traditional options and completely unusual combinations, so it’s not difficult to choose a pizza for yourself and your guests. Everyone can choose an appetizing dish with Italian charm, based on natural ingredients. You can order pizza in Uzhhorod for different tastes:

  • Hawaiian – mozzarella cheese, chicken, corn, pineapple, parmesan, bechamel sauce.
  • La PIEC pizza is a good option for true meat eaters, because it has Bavarian sausages, salami, prosciutto, and ham.
  • Angelina – mozzarella cheese, chicken, Bavarian sausages, gherkin, onions, sweet and sour sauce.
  • Quadric – bechamel sauce, mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, Dor Blue cheese, pear, walnut, Parmesan cheese
  • Pepperoni – mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, parmesan, arugula, sweet and sour sauce.
  • Diabola – for those who like spicy food. A hearty pizza with chili peppers.

In the end, no matter which pizza in Uzhhorod you choose, each is prepared with love and will delight you with a unique taste that you will definitely like. You can place an order for pizza Uzhhorod any day, even on weekends and holidays. Delivery from LA PIEC is always fast and tasty.

How to order pizza in Uzhhorod?

Are you hungry? Order LA PIEC delivery. Authentic pizza or a delicious salad is a good alternative to regular sandwiches in the office and beyond. It’s easy to organize friendly gatherings with LA PIEC dishes: you just need to invite your friends and place an order. And the LA PIEC team will take care of the food and drinks.

You can arrange delivery to any part of the city. To order pizza in Uzhhorod, you need to:

  1. Go to the website of the LA PIEC service.
  2. Choose dishes and drinks, add them to the cart.
  3. Place the order.
  4. Provide the address, payment method and contact phone number.
  5. Wait for the manager to call.
  6. You can pay for the order in any convenient way: by card or cash upon receipt.

LA PIEC is a dish that you will simply fall in love with. See for yourself!

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Frequently asked Questions

💰 What is the cost of delivery?

Delivery cost is 40 UAH.

💳 Is it possible to pay by card?

So! You can pay by card on the website, or upon receipt of orders.

🚀 How long to wait for delivery?

Delivery to the green zone of Uzhhorod - up to 29 minutes. Delivery to the yellow zone - up to 59 minutes.

⏰ What is your work schedule?

From 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM

🍕 In which cities does LA PIEC pizza delivery work?

🍴 What other delicious things can i try at your place?