630 700
980 g
burgers: Big Father, Normal, Cheeseburger
675 750
burgers: Big Father, Normal, French fries - 2 pcs., Coca-Cola 0,5l - 2 pcs.
342 380
Big Father burger, french fries, Coca-Cola 0.5 liters
333 370
burger Normal, french fries, Coca-Cola 0.5 liters
333 370
Cheeseburger, french fries, Coca-Cola 0.5 liters
333 370
Chicken burger, french fries, Coca-Cola 0.5 liters
370 g
bun, Burger sauce (contains allergens: chicken egg, mustard), beef and chicken cutlet, caramelized onion, fried bacon, chicken egg, pickled cucumber, tomato, arugula
310 g
bun, burger sauce (contains allergens: chicken egg, mustard), beef and chicken cutlet, red onion, fried bacon, pickled cucumber, tomato, arugula
300 g
bun, signature sauce (contains allergens: chicken egg, mustard), beef and chicken cutlet, Cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, tomato, arugula, sun-dried tomatoes
350 g
bun, curry sauce (contains allergens: chicken egg, mustard), chicken cutlet, cheddar cheese, pickle, cole slow salad
140 g
chicken meat, chicken egg, breadcrumbs, wheat flour, ketchup
140 g
Brie cheese, Panko crackers, raspberry sauce
85/50 g
shrimp, tempura, panko breadcrumbs, tartar sauce
100/50 g
Sweet potato fries, tartar sauce
150 g
french fries
220 g
french fries
225 g
french fries, cheddar sauce, onion crunch, fried bacon
200 g
potatoes, butter, milk, flour, punk crackers
200/50 g
Mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, Cream cheese, Panko crackers, raspberry sauce
50 g
Cheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese, Dorblu cheese, cream, soy sauce, spices
50 g
50 g
mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard


The taste of burgers has won the hearts of people around the world. And to enjoy a real American burger, you don’t have to fly to the United States. LA PIEC is a normal food delivery. You can have a delicious burger in Uzhhorod, and couriers will deliver it warm to your home or work.

Juicy cutlet, crispy vegetables, spicy sauce – just the mention of a burger makes you hungry. Therefore, you should not deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying a delicious burger. With the delivery of burgers in Uzhhorod from LA PIEC it is very simple!

Burger delivery in Uzhhorod from LA PIEC

Cooking takes a lot of time and effort. And if you have a busy work schedule, sometimes you just don’t have enough time for a full meal. In this case, fast burger delivery Uzhhorod will come to the rescue. After all, even if you don’t have the time or desire to cook, a burger in Uzhhorod with delivery is a good idea. You can just relax or spend time with your family, and the LA PIEC team will quickly prepare delicious dishes for the whole family.

In addition to burgers, you can order tempura shrimp with tartar sauce, French fries, potato croquettes, or cheese balls with raspberry sauce. Choose what you like best!

Burger delivery Uzhhorod is not only convenient but also economical. For a large group of friends, it is more profitable to order a combo menu, which includes a burger, fries and Coca-Cola. It is very profitable!

Large selection of burgers with delivery in Uzhhorod

LA PIEC offers burgers for every taste:

  • Normal – with beef and chicken cutlet, fried bacon and Burger sauce.
  • Cheese – with sun-dried tomatoes, cheddar cheese, beef and chicken cutlet, with Special sauce.
  • Big Father – with fried bacon, beef and chicken cutlet, Burger sauce, chicken egg and vegetables.

A delicious Uzhhorod burger is not just food, it’s a whole culture. There are several reasons for the popularity of this dish today:

  • Convenience. The burger is prepared very quickly, you can take it with you or even eat it on the go.
  • A feeling of satiety. A burger quickly satisfies hunger and gives you a feeling of fullness.
  • A variety of recipes. Today there are many recipes for burgers. The LA PIEC team constantly monitors new trends and improves the menu. Therefore, in the online catalog you can order original burgers prepared according to new recipes. You can choose the option that tastes best.

In addition, we often see the burger in Uzhhorod in advertisements, music videos, and movies. Therefore, it adds even more popularity to the dish.

Fast burger delivery in Uzhhorod up to 29 minutes

Burger delivery Uzhhorod has a number of advantages:

  • Time saving. To make a burger at home, you need to go to the store, buy groceries, and find a proven recipe. And there is no guarantee that you will be happy with the result. That’s why it’s easier to order a burger Uzhhorod on the LA PIEC website. And while the courier delivers the food, you can get on with your cooking.
  • Fast delivery. It’s no secret that freshly prepared food is the most delicious. An appetizing burger delivered by a courier while still warm cannot be compared to yesterday’s soup. Burger delivery in Uzhhorod is quick and easy.
  • Convenience. It takes a few minutes to place an order. And you can order burger delivery Uzhhorod both at home and in the office.
  • A wide range of dishes. LA PIEC offers a wide range of dishes. In addition to burgers, there are kebabs, pizza, salads, French fries, desserts and drinks. Everything you need for a hearty lunch or light dinner can be ordered online.
  • Reasonable prices. Simple calculations show that ordering burgers is more profitable than cooking yourself. Promotional offers from LA PIEC will allow you to save even more.

How to order burger delivery in Uzhhorod?

It is very easy to order a burger in Uzhhorod with delivery: you need to go to the LA PIEC website or the app. Choose the food and drinks you like. After that, specify the delivery address and payment method. Couriers make every effort to ensure that you receive the burger while it is still warm.

Frequently asked Questions

💰 What is the cost of delivery?

Delivery cost is 40 UAH.

💳 Is it possible to pay by card?

So! You can pay by card on the website, or upon receipt of orders.

🚀 How long to wait for delivery?

Delivery to the green zone of Uzhhorod - up to 29 minutes. Delivery to the yellow zone - up to 59 minutes.

⏰ What is your work schedule?

From 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM

🍕 In which cities does LA PIEC pizza delivery work?
🍴 What other delicious things can i try at your place?