Drinks Delivery in Drohobych, Order a Drink from LA PIEC

Just think about it, a person drinks up to 1,500 litres of water in 365 days. And you should also add up some juice, water, compotes, coffee, etc. However, you can not only quench your thirst but also emphasize the taste of the dish with drinks from LA PIEC. When there is a noisy party, a lot of pizza, and delicious salads, it is important not to forget about the drinks that complement the table with their lightness and flavour.


There is a selection of Coca Cola, Fanta, BonAqua, juices and nectars. Historically, it has worked out that Coca Cola is perfect for pizza. However, who are we to stick to someone’s rules? We try everything and mix flavours! Therefore, choose for yourself and savour the best! Ordering drinks in Drohobych is usually a supplement to ordering your favourite wood-fired pizza or house-special salads.

Drinks Delivery in Drohobych

Drinks delivery is a cool initiative driven by our customers’ requests. After all, when ordering pizza delivery, a supplement as drinks is the perfect solution. Especially if you do not have enough money for the minimum order for getting free delivery 🙂 Ordering drinks home delivery is easy and convenient, so take the opportunity, taste, keep a positive attitude and have a reason to be happy every day!

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